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Art of Union HOME update --

Holistic Thrival Quest

2012 Dates to be announced!!

Aloha dear family and friends,

Tenasi and the Art of Union are on an extended sebatical (si Dios quiere) from the former HOME Community and Diamante Verde Sanctuary. If you would like to visit during this time, please contact Tree of Life Tours.

Tenasi's plant wisdom mentor, Marcos Bolivares, is maintaining the Diamante Verde gardens and is available Mondays and Tuesdays for tours and medicinal plant lessons.

Tenasi has returned to his Engineering roots and is working in Oregon, USA  on a reasearch and development project to create sustainable plasma-based energy solutons to help liberate our conscious light tribe from our dependence on petroleum. 

He  gives thanks daily for the life-lessons we have all learned thru the evolution and dissolution of the HOME community so we can ease into oneness with conscious grace in future incarnations of Heaven on Mother Earth.

Blessed Love!!

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We are no longer offering a growing spectrum of private rejuvenation and empowerment retreats to provide you an intimate evolutionary experience that fulfills your highest intentions.


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The Path of the Ceibo
Over the past decade numerous visionaries from around the world have been guided to Costa Rica with a common vision of a co-creating a conscious corridor of harmonious, sustainable communities throughout Costa Rica. Collective knowledge of this vision was expanded during the 2002 Costa Rica rainbow gathering in Miramar when several people shared similar visions. Over the years, this vision has been referred to by many names, including the  “Rainbow Corridor” and the “Oneness Corridor.” In the vision, this corridor not only links the communities but also leads to a sacred place high in the mountains, where our conscious tribe will gather in prayer during a future time of global crisis.  Read More...

The Ceibo Bekis Land Conservation Association (LCA) mission is to acquire and conserve lands to allow sustainable “permaculture” communities to thrive in harmony with abundant natural preserves. The LCA exists as a separate entity from the community as it is envisioned to hold in trust the lands of multiple communities, reforested lands and protected wilderness.  Read More...


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